Monday, 20 September 2010

If Cows gave root beer instead of milk?

I had to read this one over and over 'cos I thought I had got the wrong end of the stick like I did with the endangered species journal!! But it seems this is what Miss Nevy REALLY wanted us to write about so here I go…

If cows gave root beer instead of milk… first of all I'd be happy! Because here in England we don't have a lot of root beer, you have to go to special stores for it and it's always too expensive, and I love root beer ever since I tried it years ago in America! But we do have lots of cows in England. So at first I would be laughing!

But then I think, where would I get milk from! I use milk lots! On my cereal! In my coffee! On its own after a nice sammitch! For some of these things I guess I could use fake milk, or even milk from other animals (tho that makes me squeamish!). But for a nice big glass of milk on its own after cookies or sammitches, I'm sorry, nothing compares to yummy cow's milk!! So in conclusion I vote no on cows giving root beer instead of milk! I will just learn to have root beer on special occasions only!

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  1. I like milk with pizza. I like root beer with anything.