Monday, 30 August 2010

Why We Have to Save the Dangerous Spices!

I do not like very very spicy food so goodness knows why anybody would want to save dangerous spices but the point is they have as much right as anybody to eat what they want. Also if we didn't save the dangerous spices one day aliens or ghosts might come and we find out that hot curry powder was the only thing that could stop them takin over and we would feel very silly for letting it get extinct wouldn't we? Anyway I will not be eatin any more very spicy food but that doesn't mean I have to go around stomping on dangerous spices because one day they could save the world and if I start stomping on them just 'cos I don't like 'em what's to stop someone stomping on something I like like baby lasagnes!

(actually that would be funny for a bit cos they would get their shoes messy but then the baby lasagnes would never grow into big lasagnes which would be bad bad bad!)

To conclude, we should stop stomping on each other's food because if we do there will be nothing left. That is why we must save the dangerous spices because they are just as important as baby lasagnes so stop it okay!

(class was confusing today so I day dreamed a lot I think this is what we were sposed to write about tho)

What I think of people who take advantage of people!

People who take advantage of other people are nasty n don't I know it! I think sometimes because I am so nice people think they can get away with anythin and I am sad to say that for a long time they did because I let them! But in the end I realised those people were makin me sad and were only nice to me cos they wanted to eat up my love like a vampire and I said NO MORE. People gotta be special to get the best of me now and I wish it wasnt that way because I used to think the best of everybody. I still try to but it is harder. And all because of people who take advantage! There is no picture with this one because it is sad to think about.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

If I had a superpower!

OK listen up 'cos I have thought about this a lot and the BESTEST superpower would be to be able to change into other people! You could do ANYTHING if you could do this!

You could be Violet from The Incredibles and be invisible and make forcefields and stuff!

You could be Supergirl and fly and be strong and see through stuff! and point!

You could be Miley and walk the red carpet!

You could be Ronald McDonald and get free hamburgers!!

Or Jodie Foster and win an Oscar!

But I would only use my power for good!

(having fun is definitely good!!! lol)

And I would always turn back into to me!

The best thing about Second Life is we can kinda do this anyway!!

Monday, 23 August 2010

What does the month of August remind you of or make you think about?

1. The end of summer! It's sad 'cos no more barbecues but happy 'cos I love Autumn and Halloween and Christmas and I'm excited!!!

2. Time to go back to school which is exciting this year because I have a new school and my favourite teacher Miss Nevy!

3. My big sissy's birthday!

4. Woodstock! I love dressin up and pretending I was there even tho its way before my time even RL! Here is a Woodstock stage I built!

5. Augustus Gloop he went to Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory and ate too much chocolate and fell in a river of chocolate!