Thursday, 2 December 2010

Trees and Traditions!

I love Christmas!

I have tons of trees both RL and SL! Lemme start with last night which was THE BEST 'cos they lit up the big tree in SL and we went to see it from school!

Light the Tree!

Also the school rocks because we got to pick a free tree of our own! I picked a bendy one because it looked funny… here is me lookin' around the trees!

Choosing a Christmas Tree!

I have lots of traditions at Christmas… I love Christmas music and movies! Lemme see my faves are these:

But my favourite thing of Christmas (except for pressssieeeees!) is probaly the food!!!! on Christmas Eve we have ham and pickles and things… on Christmas morning we have chocolate croissants… for christmas dinner we sometimes have beef but this year we havin proper traditional Turkey!! I make desserts… this year I am makin a trifle and chocolate pots and a pumpkin pie… and of course there is lots of candy and things too hehe also mince pies and christmas pudding and christmas cake and omg I am gonna burst just thinking about it!!

Oh yeh one more pic hehe this is our tree in RL! Well this is how it looked last year, we havent put it up yet this year!

He's been!

ohmygosh so many pics in one post lol sorry!! XD