Thursday, 29 September 2011

Melody's Bucket List!

1. To make a Bucket list!
2. To put a bucket on Justin Bieber's head!
3. To get one bucket of every colour!
4. To open a bucket shop to sell all of my buckets and make heaps of money!!
5. To get more buckets to put all my money in!
6. To find a golden ticket in a chocolate bar n go and see Willy Wonka like Charlie Bucket!
7. To get more buckets to put all my free chocolate in!
8. To finish writing my bucket list! To finish writing my bucket list!
9. To do all the things on my bucket list!
10. To think of a tenth thing!

How they built Stonehedge!

There are lots of ideas about how they made Stonehedge but what I think is it must have been back when there were still giants and really all Stonehedge is is a game of dominos they forgot to finish! The spots have rubbed off over the years but I think it would have looked something like this originally!

(somebody must have stolen the dice!!)

Sunday, 18 September 2011

If I was an Indian on the Grand Canyon!

One thing I noticed at the Grand Canyon was there were squirrels everywhere so hopefully if I was an Indian living there I would still have my Cyril with me! I expect they would call me Talks With Squirrels or something 'cos he's on my shoulder all the time! They didn't have TV or ham sammitches so I don't know what I'd do with myself all day but I expect I would find something! Maybe I would draw in the sand or on the rocks cos I like drawing! They used to live in teepees which are pointy tents not giant toilet rolls! We could tell stories around the fire at night but they didn't have marshmallows so I don't know what we'd have with our hot chocolate! But I don't think it would be too boring!

Here's some pics I took when we were there!

Grand Canyon Field Trip!

Grand Canyon Field Trip!