Monday, 4 October 2010

Why I chose Oceanside…

Going to Oceanside was a total no-brainer for me as not one but two of my favourite teachers in the world, Miss Nevy and Mr Jace, were going there too. I tried at another school (which shall remain nameless!) twice and it always went wrong for me and if I am honest if it weren't for these teachers I would have given up on school altogether.

Though there are lots of nice people I have met in class etc, and we have fun learning and playing and things, I am really only there for them because I don't make many friends and I count Miss Nevy and Mr Jace among the few people I feel 100% comfortable around. I hope this was not too corny speshly after the serious last journal hehe… I will try to be more fun in the next :)

I was scared…

Some people are scared of witches n monsters but I have found that actually witches and monsters can be okay sometimes. The thing that scares me most is things ending. In Second Life this means I get scared most when I think I might leave, or that someone I love might leave, or that Second Life might just disappear altogether. I am terrified of those moments where something gets said or done that makes everything different forever and you can't go back. This journal is short cos it's not nice to think about.

How I feel about Halloweeeeeeen!

Well if you have been reading my journal then you already know I LOVE HALLOWEEN! lol :) Let me think what else to tell you about it. Here's what I will be doing this Halloween!

I sing in Second Life as well as bein' my cute little random self so I will be singing scary songs as much as possible! Well they are not berry scary but they have a scary theme like, Phantom of the Opera or Rocky Horror or hmmm oh yes I have one from Nightmare before Christmas!

I have tonnnnnns of costumes to wear and I will be trying to wear them all this month saving the best for Halloween! Off the top of my head I have a bloody bride, Sally and Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas, Hit Girl, the Bride from Kill Bill, lots of candy corn color dresses, oh and one I made all by myself which I am most proud of, Elphaba from Wicked.

I was hopin to build a scary house on my beach but I am not sure if I will have the time to do that this year. Instead I might bring out one of my old projects. Two years ago I made the Exorcist house and it's awesome, I justhope I can put it back together cos I took it down very quick LOL. If I have time this year I wanna make the Psycho house.

And finaaaally, this isn't SL but in RL I spend the whoooole of Halloween watching scary movies! I also eat candy corns and I make the BESTEST pumpkin soup. I carve a pumpkin or two too. Here is the one I carved last year:

So in case you didn't guess ... I LOVE HALLOWEEN! :)