Monday, 20 September 2010


I LOVE Autumn. Let me count the ways…

1. The temperature is just right! I get hayfever in the Summer and my long hair makes me itch even more to the point I think about getting it all cut off so you know it must be bad! And in the Winter though I love Christmas and everything sometimes it just gets TOO DARN COLD but in Autumn it is just perfect. If it gets a little chilly we put the fire on and it's cosy. Those are the perfect nights.

2. It's pretty! Even though leaves falling off trees is kinda like dying which is sad, is there ever a prettier dying than the reds, oranges, and browns of autumn? When the gentle wind comes along and whooshes them all up it can be sort of spooky but it's just all so pretty that I love it.

3. Speaking of Spooky, Halloweeeeeen! I have mentioned this already in my blog so you know how much I love it, but the closer it gets, the more excited I becomes!

4. Only a week after Halloween here we have Guy Fawkes Night which I love almost as much. This is the night we remember when a man tried to asplode the Houses of Parliament in London. We burn a Guy which is a big doll dressed as him and set off fireworks to remember the asplosions that might've been. I guess we are sposed to remember how he was stopped and so we don't think about doing the same thing but I know a lot of people who would love to see the Houses of Parliament asplode and I think that's why we keep setting off fireworks!!!

5. THEN at the end of November is a holiday that I don't really celebrate because I am not American but I sort of do anyway. It is Thanksgiving when America remembers the Pilgrims celebrating the harvest and inviting Native Americans to join them and also just give thanks in general for whatever they are thankful for. That last part is the part I like and why I sort of celebrate it too because being thankful is something everyone should celebrate. I like all the food that goes with it too and I have a Thanksgiving sammitch! which is turkey and sausage and bacon and stuffing and cranberry sauce all stuffed into two pieces of bread hehe :) And I watch Thanksgiving movies like Pieces of April, Planes Trains and Automobiles, Addams Family Values and Home for the Holidays. This is also when Christmas officially begins in my world too… but I will save that for another blog I am getting ahead of myself!!!

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