Monday, 13 September 2010

If Children Ruled the World!

"All our greatest wishes are granted, let us sing, let innocence reign
All our prayers are finally answered, blessed and free of all pain
Towers of fire rise ever higher, magical flags will be unfurled
The demons are gone, the young are the strong
The night that children rule the world
When the children rule the world…"

That is from a musical I love called Whistle Down the Wind. I wanna say that if children ruled the world things would be better! But the thing is, even though children can be really so much smarter than grownups think, and a lot of the time even smarter than some grownups, there are just as many bad kids as there are bad adults so things would be just about the same I think. Children SHOULD be given more say in how things are run though… especially the smart ones! We could have a test I guess to pick those out.

A picture of Spain (taken by a spaceman I guess).

Once thing is for sure, the world wouldnt end or anything if children were in charge. Spain had a queen once that was only 12 and the last time I checked Spain was still there!

Anna Paquin as Queen Isabella, she did not break Spain!

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