Monday, 4 October 2010

How I feel about Halloweeeeeeen!

Well if you have been reading my journal then you already know I LOVE HALLOWEEN! lol :) Let me think what else to tell you about it. Here's what I will be doing this Halloween!

I sing in Second Life as well as bein' my cute little random self so I will be singing scary songs as much as possible! Well they are not berry scary but they have a scary theme like, Phantom of the Opera or Rocky Horror or hmmm oh yes I have one from Nightmare before Christmas!

I have tonnnnnns of costumes to wear and I will be trying to wear them all this month saving the best for Halloween! Off the top of my head I have a bloody bride, Sally and Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas, Hit Girl, the Bride from Kill Bill, lots of candy corn color dresses, oh and one I made all by myself which I am most proud of, Elphaba from Wicked.

I was hopin to build a scary house on my beach but I am not sure if I will have the time to do that this year. Instead I might bring out one of my old projects. Two years ago I made the Exorcist house and it's awesome, I justhope I can put it back together cos I took it down very quick LOL. If I have time this year I wanna make the Psycho house.

And finaaaally, this isn't SL but in RL I spend the whoooole of Halloween watching scary movies! I also eat candy corns and I make the BESTEST pumpkin soup. I carve a pumpkin or two too. Here is the one I carved last year:

So in case you didn't guess ... I LOVE HALLOWEEN! :)

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