Monday, 29 November 2010

What I did for Thankgiving Weekend!!

Well like I said in the last entry I am not American but I kinda celebrate Thanksgiving cos I love it! On Thursday I watched movies!! I watched Pieces of April and Home for the Holidays and Addams Family Values and Planes Trains and Automobiles (oh my the fairies that stop naughty words going in my ears were SWARMING in one scene of that one!!) I also had a turkey and stuffing and sausage and bacon and cranberry sammitch and made a pumpkin pie which was awesome!!

I had stupid RL work friday and Saturday but on Sunday my sister and her boyfriend came home and the whole family went to see Harry Potter at the movies! It was such a sad movie :( But I loved it. After that we went for an enormous meal at a restaurant. I had a squuuuuge burger hehe. It was an awesome weekend!

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